What are the social responsibilities that school should imbibe in children?

Social responsibilities are one of the moral obligations that every human being should follow. It should be imbibed in children right from the start. Therefore, many in India look after this issue right from the start. Schools in Patiala deserve special mention in this regard. Having a clear idea of social responsibility would help make favourable decisions for society.

How is it a Role of a Teacher to explain Social Responsibilities?

The main idea is that our actions affect others. Therefore we should choose to act positively towards society. A teacher should provide a welcoming and nurturing environment that makes learning happy. And further, the students would also influence the severe position of the teacher. It is the teacher who can directly impact a student. They can control the students’ topic of discussion, way of thinking, setting an aim, etc. A teacher does not teach academic lessons only. They also look after preparing the students to be fit in the society in future. They have to portray themselves as responsible citizens. This, in return, would help them teach the student how to be a good citizen.

A teacher must emphasize the following points while teaching social responsibilities,

  • Developing leadership qualities. Then utilising the opportunities to encourage commitment to civic and social responsibilities.
  • Students gain knowledge for themselves and the community as well.
  • Students should perform the role of creating capacity in society. And they would eventually work on the complex issues of society in the future.
  • Students build a solid job resume and increase employability after being graduated.

Social Responsibilities of a Teacher

  • Equity: Every student does not have the same capacity to learn at the same rate. Yet every student should get the same attention and scope to learn and succeed. A teacher should pay extra attention to a student with a learning disability. Also, a teacher should never discriminate among the students in any respect. Equity calls for fair, inclusive, and respectful treatment of every student.
  • Unbiased Teaching: A teacher should not put forth their personal opinion on some issues. They should explain topics like religion, political views in general terms. It is the responsibility of the teacher to present objective information to the student. The unbiased lessons would help the students to think independently and make their own decision.
  • Social Education: The teachers should not be just aware of social justice issues themselves. They, at the same time, should the problems with the students. For example, marginalised populations, inequitable distribution of power and wealth, social and gender inequality, social services, environment, etc. These discussions would help the students to have unbiased thinking and promote tolerance.


Some best CBSE school in Patiala have come forward with several unique ideas to promote social responsibilities among the students. The teachers of these schools establish themselves as positive role model to the students. They respond to real-life issues and encourage the students with community service projects. Behaving ideally with the students is the most important job of the teacher and the school.

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