Our Promise

Learning Environments

At GEMS Public School, Patiala, we believe learning isn’t just about memorising facts by rote; for us, it’s just as much to do with forming opinions, thinking in fresh and original ways and developing an open, inquiring mind. From extra-curricular activities which help our students pursue their passions to rigorous academic standards which gives your child the foundation and qualifications they need. This section is all about our educational ethos and curriculum.

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Offering a world-class education centered on the CBSE curriculum. The curriculum is designed to foster inquiry through thematic, experiential and project-based learning. Experiences are planned for exploration, creativity, independent thinking and experimentation.

Approach and Accreditation

Every parent wants the very best for their child. The best opportunities, the best experiences and the very best education. But how can you be sure that the teaching your child receives is of the highest quality? That’s where external accreditation comes in…

Early Childhood Curriculum and Care

The Little GEMS curriculum is based around the way children naturally learn; they acquire knowledge, develop skills and improve their understanding, applying what they have learned to new situations. The curriculum is our in house resource designed using the EYFS framework.


Beyond the classroom, every GEMS school offers enriching experiences and extra-curricular activities run by our dedicated teaching staff or local community experts. All year round, students from Year 1 upwards can take part in activities to pursue their existing interests and develop and explore new ones

Achievements and Awards

At GEMS Education, we take pride in giving our students a platform to grow their individual talents.
Ranked as India’s No.1 school by Education world for promoting Reading Culture
Awarded as India’s Top tech Savy school 2019 

University Destinations

GEMS students are accepted by some of the world’s most prestigious universities.
In the last four years, GEMS has enjoyed some of the best university acceptance rates of any international school.