How is a School Important and What are its Responsibilities?

The school happens to be the second home for every child. A school is a place where children learn values. This place provides education in every discipline and the levels are divided into several standards. The system of schools is complex. Therefore more than one type of leadership is required to run a school. In India, we have a unique system of education. Several boards look after the school system in our country.

Importanceof Schools

Education makes a child confident. School listheepitomeof academic knowledge. Academic knowledge contributes to the improvement of outer knowledge. With several important subjects, children are taught how to comprehend. Further, a school helps to grow skills and knowledge in a child. International schools in Patiala are highly renowned for their academic curriculum.

A school also functions for developing the social and mental health of a child. Every child learns to make friends, communicate and socialise. Attachment with other kids of the same age grows a positive thinking process. School teaches proper human interaction. Engagement in various school activities boosts child development. The teachers motivate the children and help in the process of development. Hence school plays an important role in child development.

Central School Board in India

Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE is the most important educational board in India. It is widely acknowledged all over the country. This board implements a system of conventional teaching. A number of private and public schools are affiliated with this national-level school board.

Responsibilities of School Board

Governing the school system is challenging. The responsibility of a school board is to look after the activities of the school. This ensures productivity and a significant outcome.

  • One of the primary responsibilities is to establish the rules and policies of the schools. This includes setting dismissal time, ethical standards and various other issues.
  • The school board look after the educational curriculum. They set the syllabus for every standard. They also participate in the process of evaluation and therefore moderates question papers.
  • The school board provide all sorts of educational instructions. It comes under their responsibility to develop the philosophy of instruction. They review the data collected from student achievements. This helps in evaluating the implementations.
  • It is also the responsibility of a school board to review the implemented policies. This job is done at regular intervals. The board takes responsibility to collect relevant data from schools. Through this objectivity is ensured.
  • Even after implementing policies, the role of the school board does not end. The board evaluates these policies and ensure that the expected goals are accomplished.

The responsibilities taken up by the central board of our country are fulfilled thoroughly. The results achieved from the top ten CBSE Schools in Patiala and other provinces have consistent positive results.

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