How are Extracurricular Activities in School Important along with the Academic Course?

Extracurricular activities are essential for a child to outsource their extra energy. Extracurricular activities teach the students about the world around them. This helps the students to grow up into well-rounded and healthy adults. Several schools in Patiala have adopted this to encourage students with vast knowledge and experience.

Importance of Extracurricular Activities

Engaging in several extracurricular activities help children to improve and develop social skills. It also helps them learn to work in a team and share the same view. These activities also grow confidence in a child. It eventually helps the children explore new fields of interest and develop leadership skills. These activities are also designed so that the children learn how to accept some situations in life. Schools emphasise extracurricular activities to provide students with opportunities like teamwork, the experience of being on stage, etc.

Other than the above factors, these activities prevent a child from harmful distractions. These activities provide the children with a space to spend their leisure time. It eventually helps them to concentrate on their studies as well. Different studies have concluded that prolonged hours of study irritate a child. It has an adverse effect on studies. Having breaks in between is essential. Filling the space with extracurricular activities is a healthier means of having a break. Extracurricular activities are a vast world outside the classroom where the children can learn and grow. It also teaches another vital factor of time management. Together the extracurricular activities build a sense of healthy competition in a child.

Extracurricular Activities- a Field of Interest

A school should always screen its students thoroughly. And thus, try to identify if there is any specific area of interest in them. If any natural talent is present in a kid, it should be nurtured properly. Several schools in India encourage their students to participate in activities they have interests in. A student who likes art should join a drawing class. An enthusiast swimmer should join swimming. Participating in extracurricular activities in school also encourages engagement in school.

Many children might not have the opportunity to nourish their area of interest. The school and the teachers play an essential role in this regard. Top schools in Patiala provide several outlets where the child can participate in. The schools take care that their kids grow up with diversified relationships. This helps a child to feel not being isolated from others.


Encouraging your child to take part in extracurricular activities is very important. The school plays a significant role in escorting them to the path where they might shine. Hence many schools in Patiala have made extracurricular activities compulsory in school. This helps the children identify their qualities and focus on life right from the beginning.

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