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About Us

Welcome to Gems Public School, Patiala...

GEMS is an international education company. It is a global advisory and educational management firm, with a network of over 100 schools in over a dozen countries. Founded by Mr. Sunny Varkey, GEMS provides pre-school, primary and secondary education. With more than 100 schools spread across Europe, North Africa, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

GEMS Public School brings New Age Education to the heart of Patiala providing children of the millennium city the learning environment to grow into citizens of the world and leaders of the future. We have an excellent faculty and a philosophy that embraces universal values. To further equip our students and our staff, we regularly seek augmentation from our network of in-house experts at GEMS Education, our parent organization. GEMS Education’s legacy of over 60 years of best global pedagogical practices ensures that this school is counted among the best in the world.  So, this isn’t just another school.

Inside our school