How Interactive Classrooms are Important for Improvement in Communication?

An interactive classroom is an environment where students learn through active participation. This method of learning emphasises creative and analytical understanding. Interactive teaching sessions make a classroom a venue for free speech, liberal questioning, and critical thinking. The top 10 CBSE schools in Patiala use this teaching technique to bring out students’ necessary mental abilities.

Why are Interactive Classrooms required?

The importance of interactive learning is widespread. This is true irrespective of the subject, size, age group of the class, and the style of teaching. This is most helpful for any barrier to interacting with the teacher.

The interactive learning methods are implemented to exhibit knowledge more resourcefully. This method of teaching and learning engages the students in the lesson that enhances focus. They also become capable of fostering creative thinking, analytical reasoning, and increased concentration. The teacher can demonstrate real-life examples with the help of this format of teaching. This makes a lesson livelier. Not only this, but interactive classrooms also covered the need for textbooks.

The students are always curious about everything. Most of the time, they cannot communicate with elders regarding certain things and cannot conclude. Interactive classrooms allow the students to interact with teachers and gain knowledge. This feature helps a student to have life-skill information at the right time. This further supports a student in approaching the right direction in their career.

Challenges faced in an interactive classroom

Along with all the goodness and positive aspects, an interactive classroom also comes with several limitations. These limitations are mainly associated with technical and technological factors.

  • Technical breakdowns and glitches are quite an issue in an interactive class. It is a very annoying and disturbing issue in a running class. Digital whiteboards in an interactive classroom can disrupt teaching.
  • Sometimes making a class interactive might consume some extra time than scheduled. Students are full of curiosity, which gives rise to more questions. If the teacher cannot conduct an interactive class, they would face trouble in completing the lesson.
  • Mass digital education of the teachers is required for a digitally interactive classroom. There are certain limitations in a vast country like India to fulfill some requirements.


Digitally empowered classrooms are also helpful for interactive sessions. The top 10 schools of Patiala are planning to implement these new teaching methods for a brighter future. Interactive classrooms also help teachers to make a lesson fun so that the students can stay focused.

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