Gems Public School understands that communication is key to a successful parent-child relationship. Here are some tips on how to effectively communicate with your child:

– Be clear and concise when communicating with your child. Make sure they understand what you are saying.

– Avoid using negative language. Instead, use positive words and phrases to encourage your child.

– Be patient when communicating with your child. They may not always understand what you are trying to say right away.

– Try to have open and honest conversations with your child. This will help build trust between you two.

– Finally, be supportive of your child. Show them that you care about their interests and well-being.


1) Appreciate and acknowledge: As a parent or guardian, it is important to appreciate your child\’s efforts, whether in academics or co-curricular activities. A simple \’well done\’ can go a long way in boosting their confidence.

2) Teach them to take their stand: It is important to teach children to be assertive and stand up for themselves. This will help them communicate better with others and express their opinions confidently.

3) Constructive criticism is necessary: While praising your child\’s efforts is important, it is also necessary to provide constructive criticism when needed. This will help them understand what areas they need to work on and improve.

4) Value their opinion: Make sure you listen to your child\’s opinion and give it due importance. This will make them feel valued and appreciated, and also help them express their thoughts better.

5) Emphasize building social equations: It is important to emphasize the importance of building positive social equations with others. This will help children understand the importance of communication and collaboration.

6) Give them responsibilities: Assigning small tasks and responsibilities to children can help them take ownership of their actions and learn to communicate effectively.

7) Tone of communication: The tone of communication is important when communicating with children. Make sure you use a positive and encouraging tone so that they feel motivated to listen to you and respond positively.

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