Best International school in Punjab- Why Building a Teacher-Student Relationship is Important for Effective Classroom?

If you ever ask anyone their favorite memory of childhood, it is school stories. And most of the school stories involve a teacher. The teachers are the first friend beyond the home that every child makes. Teachers shape the career and make a backbone for the kids. They are one of the most trusted guides for all students. Therefore having a healthy relationship with the teachers ensures a better outcome for the students. The Top Schools in Punjab are highly reputed for their teacher-student relationships.

Teacher’s Role for a Student

Teachers and students constantly interact among themselves through debates and study discussions. It is them who teach students how to learn from failures. Following are some roles that every teacher plays in a student’s life.

  • As Teacher: The teachers should be more a mentor than an authoritarian figures. The teacher must channel the talents and develop skills per the student’s potential. The teachers encourage the students to stand and lead right from the front. Again, teachers also teach how to value friends as teammates. They also enlighten us about embracing diversity and how to be adaptable and agile.
  • As Counselor and Friend: Fun and trust have always been common between teachers and students. This equation between the teacher and student is essential. This is because the discussions held in the classroom are more practical nowadays. The trust helps the students come forward and ask questions without fear. This openness leads the students the right way.
  • Well-Being and Mental Health: Teachers should be accessible enough so that the students can come up with their issues. They should ensure the students that it is fine if someone is not okay. They should encourage the students to speak up whenever necessary and guide them accordingly.

Building Relationships between Teachers and Students

  1. The teacher should encourage the students to do their job. They should also offer positive feedback on the result. A right push and positive attitude promote a healthy relationship between the teachers and students. This also obligates the students to respect teachers and value their advice.
  2. Bonding with students also helps the teachers to become friendly. Any activity outside the classroom can be a good opportunity for that. For example, school excursions, academic trips, sports, etc., helps break any ice between the teacher and students. The students trust and believe the teachers and feel free to share any emotions.
  3. You can also develop a teacher-student relationship through several emotional and social learning methods. These methods are one of the most significant components of human development. Through this process, a student can learn self-awareness, responsibility, self-management, relationship skills, etc.


Best International school in Punjab emphasizes the teacher-student relationship factor for better counseling students. These relationships are instrumental and support the students in the long run. These schools offer teachers student support in the form of counselors, guides, advisers, etc. the services of these personalities in a school contribute to developing a robust and long-term bond between the teachers and students.

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