Funpalooza Fiesta in Patiala

Funpalooza Fiesta in Patiala: An Annual Celebration at GEMS Public School

The lively day of December 17, 2023, saw the return of the highly anticipated yearly event, Funpalooza Fiesta, to GEMS Public School in Patiala. Over 4000 parents and kids gathered for a day full of pleasure, laughter, and nonstop entertainment, and the atmosphere was electric with anticipation. The Chief Guest, Mr. Varun Sharma (IPS), SSP Patiala, and the Principal of the school, Dr. Manjari Tejpal, graced the event, which was sponsored by LG Bestshop Electrowaves, which has branches on Sirhind Road and Bhadson Road in Patiala. The event promised to be a wonderful experience for everyone.

A Vibrant Tapestry of Activities

Funpalooza Fiesta’s varied array of activities, suitable for all age groups, is its core. Every effort was made by the organisers to guarantee an exciting day that was full of surprises. The GEMS Public School grounds were filled with colour and joy as families eagerly got involved in a variety of activities.

Poem Recitation and Cultural Performances

During the Poem Recitation session, the event began with the melodic voices of young poets. The crowd was in wonder as the children displayed their literary skills. Then came the Cultural Performances, which included musical shows, dance routines, and theatrical productions. Everyone was enthralled as the stage came to life with the students’ broad cultural diversity.

Games, Prizes, and Adventure Rides

Funpalooza Fiesta stood up to its name with a variety of exhilarating attractions and games. There was something for everyone, including heart-pounding rides and traditional carnival games. The children’s happiness upon receiving their prizes was evidence of the well-thought-out game zone’s success. Families were sharing triumphant moments and friendly competition, creating an exciting atmosphere.

Magic Shows and Creative Stalls

Enthralling performances that captured audiences of all ages revealed the captivating realm of magic. Concurrently, the more than forty artistic booths provided a great shopping experience. The stands, which featured everything from delicious delicacies to handcrafted items, demonstrated the community’s inventiveness and spirit of entrepreneurship. Along with making memories and discovering one-of-a-kind finds to bring home, parents and kids browsed the stalls.

Acknowledging the Supporters

A company renowned for its dedication to quality and innovation, LG Bestshop Electrowaves, graciously sponsored Funpalooza Fiesta. Without them, it would not have been possible. Support from the community is crucial for promoting educational and recreational programmes, as demonstrated by the partnership between LG Bestshop Electrowaves and GEMS Public School.

Distinguished Guests

Additional significance was added to the ceremony by the presence of Chief Guest Mr. Varun Sharma (IPS), SSP Patiala. His motivational remarks, which emphasised the value of civic involvement and the way in which such gatherings promote a feeling of community, struck a chord with the audience.

Leadership at the Helm

Dr. Manjari Tejpal, the dynamic Principal of GEMS Public School, played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of Funpalooza Fiesta. Her dedication and vision were evident in the seamless organization of the event, creating an atmosphere where learning and enjoyment coexisted harmoniously.


On the colorful day of Funpalooza Fiesta, as the sun set, the warmth of shared experiences and the sound of laughing lingered in the air. GEMS Public School demonstrated once more that learning happens outside of the classroom with its dedication to holistic education. In addition to giving schoolchildren a stage on which to display their abilities, the event promoted a feeling of solidarity and friendship between parents and kids.

Funpalooza Fiesta is now a much-anticipated day on the community calendar and a hallmark event. Those who came will surely carry the memories made on this day with them, reaffirming the pleasure, celebration, and community that GEMS Public School represents.

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