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At Gems Public School we are always striving hard to offer the best of CBSE school education to children here in Patiala Punjab. We are a school with a difference and are committed to the betterment of your child. Come visit our 4-acre campus and you will feel that this is a modern school right in the heart of Patiala city. If you are desperate that your toddler should be introduced to new age education then one must not look beyond us.

A growing CBSC School in Patiala

We are a school associated with the CBSE board. If you assess the top ten CBSE schools in Patiala, our name is surely on the list. There has been some extensive thought behind our decision to associate with the CBSE school board. We had the alternative to associate with the Punjab state government’s education board, but we took this decision after taking into consideration some factors.

  • It is by associating with the CBSE board, we get recognition from the Indian government. Are you on a transfer job here in Patiala? You can enroll the kid in our school because in case the job transfer takes you to some other state, there will be CBSE schools. You can easily admit the child and his/her studies will not be hampered.
  • The CBSE model follows an easy approach to study and that makes it unique. Your child will appear for only 1 question paper per subject. This should go a long way to relieve the kid of unnecessary study pressure.
  • There is also something to say about the CBSE study syllabus. The course follows the guidelines of the National Council of Educational Research and Training across all subjects. The syllabus is designed perfectly to prepare students for IIT-JEE and AIIMS.
  • There is a focus on both the English and Hindi language during studies.
  • The CBSE board allows students to appear for exams in private.

These are some of the benefits, which students get by associating with CBSE schools like our one. Hence, you could enroll the kid and we will make sure that he/she receives the best of education.

We believe in an education model where there is scope for parental engagement. We invite parents into the classroom and you can participate with us for the little one’s upliftment. We offer a unique education model and your child can learn in a friendly environment with no pressure.

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