Do you know how Brain Gym Exercises are Good for School Children? Read to know more

For proper development of every healthy child requires a healthy mind. A child can grow intellectually and mentally strong with specific appropriate exercises. Certain physical activities enhance a child\’s brain and the thinking process. Also, besides the classroom activities, every child should work on their mental aptitude. Hence the Top 10 schools of Patiala encourage brain gyms for kids of every age.

Brain Gym in Preschool

Some simple workouts can boost every child\’s brain function. Brain gyms help to make kids sharper and more intelligent. It also improves their creativity, confidence, and eyesight and promotes communication skills. Brain gym exercises comprise specific movements of children\’s limbs, head, eyes, ears, and whole-body coordination. The top ten CBSE Schools in Patiala use this exercise to help students learn faster. The exercises in brain gym are easy and short ones. These exercises are easily conductible by preschool students. Not only this, but these activities also help in releasing stress from children of any age. Following are some introductory brain gym exercises apt for preschoolers.

  • Brain Button- Brain Buttons are an exercise meant to stimulate the blood flow to the brain. This exercise also helps a kid to focus and concentrate on their work.
  • Thinking Cap- The exercise of a thinking cap is prescribed for improving a child\’s peripheral vision, hearing, and short-term memory.
  • Cross Crawl- This exercise helps the kids to burn excess energy. This process makes it easier for the children to concentrate on the classroom lesson. Cross crawls also assist with the comprehensive ability of the child. The movements engaged in cross crawl allow both halves of the brain to work together. It forces the brain to work together in a rhythm.
  • Hook Ups- The exercise of Hook Up helps to calm down and let the student focus on their job.
  • Padding Hand- The padding Hand enhances the blood circulation of a child. It also helps in improving the attention and memory of a child.
  • Elephant Trunk- This exercise of Elephant Trunk helps stimulate a child\’s brain. It also helps improve their ability to think, be attentive, and lose short-term and long-term memory.

Areas like reading, writing, mathematics, memory, and concentration are mainly developed with the help of the brain gym.


Brain gym movements are designed to connect the brain hemispheres and improve brain functions. Developed by Dr. Carla Hannaford, brain gym exercises are mainly meant for school children. Teachers of the top 10 schools of Patiala and in other provinces have acknowledged the benefits of the brain gym. These exercises help in balancing the tension and stress effects. It gives the child a shape to learn, think, and increase concentration.

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