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Why is school tutoring essential for the growth of the child?

Schools play a crucial role, as schools are where the child gets nourished with knowledge and ideas and is moulded into the human being one would become as they grow up. School is where the child receives their education, gathers knowledge, and frames their outlook towards society. Thus, schooling is crucial to shaping the curious […]

How to Choose a Right School for Your Child in India: A Parent’s Guide

Our most significant responsibility as parents is to provide our children with a high-quality education. However, it is often simpler said than done. You’re putting your child on a lengthy, winding path of learning when you choose a school. As a result, this course must be selected carefully and thoughtfully. How would you choose the […]

What Makes CBSE The Best Education Board In The Country

Plenty of students and even parents are aware of the term CBSE and it stands for Central Board for Secondary Education. It is the national education board of the country and it is divided into three levels. There is a primary, secondary, and senior secondary level. It is a student-friendly board and this is just […]

What are the criteria to choose the International school for your kid?

In an International school, your kid will experience growth possibilities; cultural exposure, outstanding professors, and a thriving infrastructure. Unlike many traditional schools, foreign schools break up the routine with innovative coursework that allows students to learn hands-on. International school in Patiala enable kids to recollect through hands-on experiences that engage all five senses, promoting students’ cognitive, emotional, […]

Handpicked Reasons for Choosing Top CBSE schools in Patiala

Are you confused with the school to enroll your kid? From the time you need to enroll your kid in a good school, it is important to figure out the best school and the educational board. It is crucial to find the best board of education. Among all the available boards, CBSC seems to have […]

ExploreThe Best Of CBSE Education For Your Kid From Us- Gems Public School

At Gems Public School we are always striving hard to offer the best of CBSE school education to children here in Patiala Punjab. We are a school with a difference and are committed to the betterment of your child. Come visit our 4-acre campus and you will feel that this is a modern school right […]

Some Good Reasons To Select The best International school in Patiala

Indian parents are today showing more urge to educate kids and this is a good sign. A proper educational background will lay the foundation for the kid to shine in life. Hence, as a parent to a kid, once the child reaches school-going age, one must seriously ponder over the idea of education for the […]

The Top 5 Schools In Patiala Are All Associated With The CBSC Board

As a parent, you will surely desire that your little one has the best education and you are lucky that your city Patiala is home to some top schools. Indians all across the country understand the importance of education and are determined to send their kids to the best schools. This way you can make […]

Lifelong Benefits of studying in the top 10 CBSE schools in Patiala

Studying in the top 10 CBSE schools in Patiala is very effective as the CBSE school curriculum is international.  The students learn modern ways of teaching and grasp the concept extensively. Among all the Gems Public School Patiala school insists that the best international practices should be combined with world-class equipment and facilities. It focuses on […]

Gems Public School: The Top 10 CBSE Schools in Patiala As Per Reviews

The top 10 CBSE schools in Patiala 2021 have taken new motives to provide the best curriculum to the students.  The information about the schools, Fee structure, admission procedure, ranking, reviews, curriculum, facilities, contact details and address all are vital to explore before you think of admitting your kids to the school. GEMS Public School […]