Best CBSE school in Punjab- Why non-Educational Activities are Given Importance in India?

Non-educational activities or physical training have become a compulsory practise in schools. These activities have increased in the best CBSE school in Punjab.Keeping the children engaged in a healthy lifestyle is the main motto for this. This engagement helps children to stay away from digital entertainment. Also, physical training activities minimise the adverse effects of junk food. Physical education develops confidence and competence among the students. Following are some benefits of having physical education in schools.

  • Developing Ethical Traits:One of the most important things that physical education teaches is ethical traits. Having ethical traits lets the student thrive in today’s competitive world. Also, ethics teaches the children about work ethic and perseverance. These traits reduce any disputes that arise among the team members.
  • Physical Fitness:Any firm of physical education is important for a healthy lifestyle. Fitness is one of the most important reasons physical education is mandatory in school. Physical education imbibes discipline and makes children stay healthy. It moreover develops muscular strength and enhances cardiovascular health. Therefore physical education also contributes to the proper absorption of nutrients.
  • Improved Academic Performance: Physical education also contributes to the betterment of academic performance. The physical education taught in school results in better concentrating power. This eventually enhances better behaviour among the children. This also boosts whatever is taught and learned in the classroom.
  • Social Interaction:Unlike in the classroom, students can mingle among themselves while the physical education period. This interaction helps enrich social behaviour among each other. The children are given several group tasks which they perform together. Hence they learn to cooperate and gain a professional attitude. Physical education also imbibes good leadership qualities among the children.
  • Stress Reduction:At present, students face immense academic pressure. The students have to spend a good amount of time ontheir studies. This pressure eventually generates depression among children. Physical education helps in reducing this stress big time. Not only do they enhance concentration, but they also keep away boredom.
  • Positive Behaviour: An idle brain is always a devil’s workshop. This is very much true for the students as well. Along with classroom lessons, physical education keeps the students engaged. It eventually grows several positive behaviours among the children. They perform in teams and value the importance of education.


Several best CBSE schools in Punjab have made physical education compulsory in the course. Physical educational activities teach discipline to the students. Physical education provides oxygen to the children’s hearts. Henceforth this education helps to maintain a balance between mental and physical health.

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